Want to save up to $60 on every vial of Botox you use?

Posted on November 13, 2013 by Tim Rahr | 2 Comments

Used as a cosmetic treatment for wrinkles, crows feet and facial lines - Botox is typically sold freeze dried, on dry ice, in individual 100 unit containers that can easily be mixed with a saline solution. 

Allergan the manufacturer of Botox officially states that the solution should be used within 4 hours of opening and kept refrigerated at all times.

However there are anecdotal reports that Allergan has also released information that the solution will be last for up to two weeks and some injectors state from personal experience that it can last for much longer periods of time. 

The Aim Of The Game

Whilst the amount of Botox needed between each patient varies, most often you will not use more than 60 units of an individual mixed package of Botox on a patient.  

Due to the high cost of Botox and other fillers, the best injectors deliver patients great results whilst also trying to reduce the amount of waste used on each injection, therefore maximising profit.

Ways you can reduce cost

- If you are a smaller practitioner who wants to use the solution within 4 hours of opening - you can schedule "Botox Days" for your patients.

- Alternatively if you generally keep your solution for longer periods of time - using a syringe such as the Henke Sass Wolf Dose Saver, that has absolutely no dead space, together with a TSK Hypodermic Needle you reduce your wastage to an absolute minimum.

Some of our customers have stated they can save up to $60 per vial of Botox using the above technique.

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January 18, 2017

Hi Leslie,

We would only ever recommend to have Botox injected by a trained practitioner.


November 30, 2016

Hi i have been paying for Botox to be injected for many years.. Now I would like to buy my own
Botox and do it myself. I am 56 years old and have good common sence and do my research on how to do it myself.

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