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The 3 Uses For Fine Gauge Hypodermic Needles

January 31, 2014

Needles have the ability to make even the strongest of us feel a little bit squemish.

For many this may be caused by horrible childhood memories of vaccinations with super thick needles..... for others, it's just the thought of blood.

Whilst hypodermic needles are still the preferred method of injecting into the body - thankfully new needle technology can make the experience for patients much better.

Precise Medical supplies one of the thinest needles available - a 33 Gauge needle manufactured by TSK. The penetration force of a TSK 33G needle is 45% lower than a regular 30G needle.

At the same time as reducing physical pressure and pain - they also have the added benefit of not giving patients a mental scare as much, due to their smaller size.

Here are 3 ways our customers are using them.

1. Ophthalmic 

Old age macular degeneration is a medical condition that creates a blind spot in the middle of the eye due to damage of the retina.

By injecting into the eye doctors can delay the progress of the condition.

The main complaint from patients is the feeling of pressure when injecting. A 32G x 9mm needle was especially developed for this reason and greatly helps reduce the unpleasant feeling.

2. Paediatric 

Paediatric nurses deal with children every day and face unique problems.

As mentioned earlier, the psychological advantage of using a small needle is that patients aren't as scared. This is especially important when dealing with children who may not have much experience with needles, or who might have had a bad experience with previous needles due to a heightened sense of pain.

3. Facial injections

A large amount of our customers inject Botox using the TSK needles.

As they often want to build an ongoing relationship with patients, using a needle that causes a minimal amount of pain is a good strategy to help ensure the customer has a great experience and wants to come back.


If you have any further questions - don't hesitate to contact us on 1800 689 400 / admin@precisemedical.com.au

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