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How Sydney's Plastic Surgeons Use Social Media To Get New Customers

January 22, 2014

Social Media? But I'm A Doctor...

After spending many years in school learning the skills of plastic and cosmetic surgery, it is no surprise that graduating surgeons are ready to start earning money by practicing their skills.

This is easier said than done though as most surgeons don't come out of university with business skills (who ever heard of a surgeon having time to do a double degree of medicine and business). 

Even with no marketing degree - it's hard to ignore the effect social media has had on the way businesses interact and advertise to consumers. Along with search marketing this is certainly one of the best ways to gain new customers.

Luckily surgeons are smart and motivated people - so they often pick it up fast.

Sydney surgeons who are doing it right

Dr. Miroshnik - 102, 000 Facebook Fans 

Dr. Tavakoli - 20,626 Facebook Fans 

Dr. Tim - 19,757 Facebook Fans 

What they do

All of the surgeons mentioned have worked out that their key demographic is female and this can be seen reflected in their content. 

The important thing to remember here is that there isn't a right or wrong type of content - but that you should keep in mind how social media can have an influential role in all areas of a patients journey to surgery.

1. Awareness - By having a social page you allow potential customers to share content and help others become aware of the great results that can be achieved from plastic surgery.

    2. Consideration - A patient may evaluate and talk to a few surgeons before choosing who to perform the operation. You can help patients decide to call by interacting with your fan base. This builds trust and helps show off your personality, making the decision to call easier.

      3. Evaluation - A strong fan base can act as form of social validation. By showing pictures of successful operations and the community liking the results of the operations you prove yourself in the eyes of a future customer.

        4. Purchase - Patients can contact you directly through the messaging function of Facebook and you can also list phone and email details for them to contact you otherwise.


          Other Reasons You Should Start Today
          • By interacting with a community you can learn what their likes and dislikes are - helping you provide a better service on a day to day basis.

          • You can also quickly field any complaints or issues.

          • It's a quicker and easier way to build an online presence than waiting weeks to get a website up and running.
          How to get started

          It may take a while to build up a dedicated fan base - but to get started simply register a Facebook page (make sure it's not a personal one - but instead a business page) and get your friends and workers to like and share the page.

          You can also think about making a content plan of the sorts of things you would like to post and aim to post at least twice a week initially.

          Whilst some surgeons may decide to hire a dedicated web marketing or social agency and others may choose a staff member in house to help out - there is no denying that this form of marketing is not going away any time soon.

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