22nd Annual Advanced Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Workshop in Melbourne

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22nd Annual Advanced Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Workshop in Melbourne

The 2018 Advanced Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Workshop will focus on the Controversies and Management of Complex Aesthetic Breast Issues.

The aim is to educate in the refinement of breast aesthetics and to raise the standards of management for the betterment of our specialty and improve patient outcomes.

Topics include:

  • Augmentation mammoplasty – preferred technique to avoid complications, best implant for set of circumstances, management of secondary issues -malposition, capsules, synmastia, seroma/infection, ALCL, etc.
  • Mastopexy & Augmentation Mammoplasty – preferred technique in primary and secondary, how to get a long lasting result, planning the operation, complications and management. One or two stage Aug-mastopexy. Revision rates and how to lower this.
  • Management of the constricted breast.
  • Management of breast asymmetry.
  • Breast reduction technique and planning – management of complications, what to do in secondary reduction.
  • The use of fat grafting to the breast, the role of ADM and its shortcomings.
  • Nipple reconstruction.
  • Management of NAC malposition.
  • Mastectomy reconstruction – autologous vs expander/DTI reconstruction with or without ADM.

The event will be held at the Crown Conference Centre in Melbourne from 16 - 18, February.

To learn more about the workshop, you can visit the website or access the program.

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