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What Are The Top Conferences For Plastic And Cosmetic Surgeons In Australia?

September 27, 2013 1 Comment

Have you been wondering what the best conferences to attend in the plastic and cosmetic surgery industry are? With such a diverse range of choices, choosing where to commit your time can be overwhelming.


Over the course of 2013 the Precise Medical team hit the road and has been everywhere from crisp New Zealand to sunny Port Douglas. In between flights and cocktail parties we decided to come up with a simple review system to help you choose which conference to attend in 2014.




The annual Cosmetex conference was held at the Melbourne Convention Centre. Speakers talked mainly on how to gain a more natural look through reduced surgery as well as the increasing popularity of fillers and injectables.


Venue: 10/10

Speakers: 8/10

Food and events: 8/10

Supplier store range: 8/10


Total score: 34



The 36th Annual ASAPS Confrence


Moving the conference from Darwin to Port Douglas proved to be a wise decision for the ASAPS conference with easier access for most delegates - although next years location of Brisbane should prove even more convenient. Whilst the conference proved useful to many who attended on a professional level, the events provided proved to be a hit too!


Venue: 6/10

Speakers: 7/10

Food and events: 10/10

Supplier store range: 7/10


Total score: 30



ASAPS Non Surgical Symposium


With a focus mainly on lasers and injectables the ASAPS Non Surgical Symposium was conveniently held in the Hilton Hotel in Sydney's CBD. With a more niche focused approach the conference attendees left with a thorough understanding of the market at hand.


Venue: 10/10

Speakers: 8/10

Food and events: 9/10

Supplier store range: 7/10


Total score: 34



New Zealand College of Appearance Medicine 


Similar to the ASAPS Non Surgical the focus of the Appearance Medicine conference was on dermal fillers, botox and laser products. Attend if you are in New Zealand and want to see what's on offer. But if you're in Australia - there are alternative choices.


Venue: 7

Speakers: 7

Food and events: 7

Range of exhibitors: 6


Total score: 27



Advanced Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Workshop 


We throughly enjoyed the Advanced Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Workshop held in Sydney. This is one of the premier meetings and is held in Australia. For plastic surgeons this is the one stop shop for learning about the latest techniques. 


Venue: 8

Speakers: 7

Food and events: 8

Range of exhibitors: 6


Total score: 29


I hope this helps you make a decision with your next years choices - if you would like to know more about our experiences or simply learn more about the products we exhibit at trade shows - please call us today on 1800 689 400.

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Sydney Medical Spa
Sydney Medical Spa

February 13, 2014

Hello ;
For plastic surgeons this is the one stop shop for learning about the latest techniques.


Dr saras and team

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