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January 2017 New Products

January 27, 2017

Tulip 8 Place SuperSpin Centrifuge

This centrifuge has been available with a 4 place rotor for some time but this has always caused issues for fat transfer procedures.

Now this premium centrifuge is also available with an 8 place rotor making it ideal for fat transfer procedures where time and ease of use is of the essence.  

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Tulip Crown Syringe Plunger Caps

Stop exposing fat to air when centrifuging and lower the risk of contamination.

Perfect for use with the 8 piece tulip centrifuge featured above.

The Tulip Crown Syringe Plunger Caps keep syringe contents in a virtually anaerobic atmosphere during centrifuging.

Available for 10, 20 & 60cc BD Syringes & 60cc Monoject Toomey Syringes.


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Implantech Extended Temporal Shell Implants

The Implantech extended temporal implant provides permanent augmentation to both upper and lower temporal regions.

Its tapering design allows the implant to blend smoothly into the temporal region without visible edges.

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