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About Us

Precise Medical sells medical supplies worldwide from Australia.

In operation for over 20 years, we pride ourselves on always providing you with outstanding service.

Our Story

Tim Rahr

Precise Medical was founded in 1991 after I had over 10 years of sales experience
working for Smith Kline and Welch Allyn.

Driven by the desire for more liberty, happiness and success, I secured a AUD$13,000 
dollar loan and convinced a handful of suppliers to let me distribute their products.

The business grew slowly for a few years, until we realised the key thing that set
Precise Medical Supplies on the path to today's current success.

What the team and I realised was that whilst it was easy to get a customer, keeping a
customer was what would truly help us grow.

To this day we ensure our team is as small as possible to ensure that we are always
accountable for giving our customers accurate and dependable service. 

Key Team Members


Alex Rahr - Head of Marketing at Precise Medical



Product Reviews & Service Testimonials


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"Speedy and friendly service" - Moayad K

"Ordered Friday afternoon, arrived 7.30 am Monday morning!" - Anne B

"Products are well packed" - Guoyin X


Precise Medical is an Australian Registered Business (ABN 73 061 686 011) and is ISO 9001/2008 Quality Endorsed.

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