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How to use Cimeosil Scar Gel Sheets

General Use

  1. Gently clean the scar area with mild soap and water and pat dry. Remove sheeting from the plastic bag and cut to a size slightly larger than the area to be treated to make sure all of the scar is covered. For specialty design-cut sheets, it is not necessary to cut the sheet before placing on a scar. 
  2. Remove protective plastic film from sheeting and apply the sticky side of sheeting to the affected area for about 8 hours daily. Depending on the scar age and depth, it should begin to become less visible between 7 to 90 days. 
  3. Use until desired results are obtained. If necessary, the sheeting may be cleaned by rinsing with water and drying thoroughly before reuse. Store the sheeting in ziplock pouch when not in use. A drying rack is included with each sheet.

The Cimeosil sheeting is still effective even after the adhesive stickiness has worn off. Simply tape the sheet to the scar with medical grade tape.

Caution Do not use on open wounds. If scar persists, redness, irritation (rash or inflammation), infection or maceration (whitening of skin) occurs discontinue use and consult your physician. Do not use talcum powder, skin moisturizers, lotions, sunscreen or any topical medications on the area to be treated while using sheeting. Apply new sheet when current sheet is no longer adherent.

Humid Environments & Sweating

As moisture is trapped between the sheets and the skin, it is recommended to purchase 2 sheets so that one is always clean, dry, and ready to be applied (again, the skin will need to be washed and dry before applying the new sheet).