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Shippert Rhino Rocket For Emergency Practitioners

No One Likes Treating Epistaxis

No one likes treating a bloody nose, especially people who work in emergency medicine like you.

You know it's either going to be messy, painful for the patient or even potentially dangerous due to blood borne disease concerns.

Introducing The Rhino Rocket

Shippert innovated and patented the Rhino Rocket nasal tampon applicator as a solution for all these problems.

Available and widely used in the United States, Precise Medical is proud to be the first company to offer this product in Australia.

Benefits Of The Rhino Rocket

  1. The unique applicator helps you stop bleeding faster than forceps. 
  2. It's far more comfortable for the patient and cheaper than balloons. 
  3. You can inject it with minimal contact reducing blood borne disease concerns.
  4. With 4 different sizes it's suitable for any situation (both posterior and paediatric).
  5. It expands to 6x it's original size yet removes easily with a quick-pull string.
  6. The applicator is easily lubricated for smooth insertion.
  7. The tampon is packaged in the applicater and protected from accidental expansion. 

Rhino Rocket Samples

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