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Basic Single Use Fat Transfer Kit - Large Volume/Small Volume

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  • All items are sterile and single use.
    • 1 x Fat Harvesting Cannula Shippert 24 Hole 3mm x 15cm with Luer Lock Hub 
    • 1 x Fat Injecting Cannula INEX 1 Hole 2.11mm (14 Gauge) x 15cm with Luer Lock Hub 
    • 1 x Softfil Cannula 16 Guage x 90mm with Stylet
    • 1 x Softfil Cannula 14 Guage x 90mm with Stylet 
    • 4 x  Luer Lock - Luer Lock Transfer Transparent  
    • 4 x Coleman Syringe Luer Lock Caps for Fat Transfer 
    • 4 x Syringe Soft-Ject 10ML (12ML) Luer Lock Tip 
    • 2 x Syringe Soft-Ject 1ml Luer Lock 3 Part Low Dead Space

    All dimensions are approximate