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Bilateral Plastic Ocular Shields - Suction Cups (Pair)

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SKU: 23-201B
  • For use with Thermage or for blepharoplasty.

    • Black blocks all light and vision
    • Transparent yellow is for general anaesthesia and reduces claustrophobia.

    Autoclavable for at least up to 50 cycles.

    Not for laser use.

    Product sold as a pair. (2 x bilateral ocular shields and 2 x suction cups) (also available with handles https://www.precisemedical.com.au/products/bilateral-plastic-ocular-shields-handles)

    Size Length  Width
    X-Small 23.5mm 21.5mm
    Small 26mm 23.5mm
    Medium 27.5mm 24.5mm
    Large 28.5mm 25.5mm

    It is recommended to numb the eye prior to inserting the corneal eye shields with a product such as Minims(R)

    Prednisolone Eye Drops. Also a lubricant assists in inserting the eye shields, a product such as Chlorsig Eye Ointment may be used.

    All dimensions are approximate