Calf Implants - Style 3
Calf Implants - Style 3 Calf Implants - Style 3

Calf Implants - Style 3

Implant-grade silicone carving blocks made of soft-solid silicone elastomer are available in four styles and various sizes, durometers and colors.  some styles are pre-formed for body contouring.

NOTE:  All dimensions are approximate.  Implants may be trimmed to meet the individual patient needs.

Size Product No. A B C
1 CCB3-1 11.5 cm 4.7 cm 2.1 cm
2 CCB3-2 14.1 cm 5 cm 1.8 cm
3 CCB3-3 17.2 cm 6.1 cm 2.1 cm
4 CCB3-4 20.3 cm 6.5 cm 2.1 cm

All dimensions are approximate.

All implants are available on consignment - simply contact us for more information!

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