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Shippert Nasal Splint - Two Piece Velcro, Denver - Box of 10

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SKU: SH 10-1500-10NKM
  • Provides stabilization on the nose after surgery as well as reduction of edema after nasal surgery or trauma. 

    Made with soft aluminium and two-piece velcro. Length of wear is 7-10 days. Only takes 60 seconds to apply with no operating room mess.

    Moldable yet firm aluminium retains nasal bones in position.  Layers give cushioned pressure on subcutaneous tissue. Dorsal pad reduces dead space and skin wrinkling, and reduces the possibility of polybeak.

    Mini 50 x 28mm
    Petite 58 x 30mm
    Small/Med 65 x 35mm
    Large 69 x 43mm

    All dimensions are approximate