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Oculo-Plastik Durette IV Externals (with movable metal nasal and temporals)

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Oculo-Plastik offers a wide variety of stainless steel laser shields and instruments, to protect the patients from the laser and IPL. Their non-reflective surfaces disperse laser and other sources of energy. These are autoclavable, durable, low maintenance instruments.

Durette® IV external laser shields, with mobile metal attachments:

  • External laser shields.
  • Both the nasal and temporal pieces can be moved away from area to be treated, without affecting proper shields’ position.
  • Metal cups (regular or small) with metal attachments.
  • Choice of using temporal pieces or hook for direct attachment of the elastic.

1 assembled pair external shields and extras.

Total parts comprise:
2 x metal cups
2 x nasal and 2 temporal metal attachments 
2 x elastic headbands 
1 x Soft Carrying Case

All dimensions are approximate

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