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Free worldwide shipping for orders over $100AUD

Free worldwide shipping for orders over $100AUD

  • The Implantech Extended Anatomical Chin Implant blends full lateral arms into the mandible. 

    Can be used with the Glasgold Wafer for additional anterior augmentation.


    Size Product No. A B C D E F
    Small  EAC-S 5.5cm 1.0cm 0.45cm 9.0cm 3.7cm 0.2cm
    Medium  EAC-M 5.6cm 1.2cm 0.50cm 9.5cm 4.2cm 0.4cm
    Large  EAC-L 6.8cm 1.4cm 0.60cm 11.0cm 4.8cm 0.4cm
    X-Large  EAC-XL 6.0cm 1.4cm 0.75cm 11.0cm 5.1cm 0.5cm

    All dimensions are approximate

    All implants are available on consignment - simply contact us for more information.