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  • This Fat Transfer Gun System accepts two sizes of BD Syringes 5cc &10cc & 60cc Toomey Syringes. It is fully autoclavable.

    Simply install the appropriate Plunger Adaptor for the syringe you are using 5 or 10cc BD or the 60cc Toomey; install the rubber plunger hood from the syringe onto the Plunger Adaptor and you're ready to go.

    The System Includes:-

    • 1 x Gun
    • 1 x Syringe Holder block that accepts 5cc & 10cc BD Syringes and 60ccToomey Syringes
    • 1 x 5cc BD Syringe Plunger adaptor
    • 1 x 10cc BD Syringe Plunger adaptor
    • 1 x 60cc Toomey Syringe Plunger adaptor

    All dimensions are approximate

    All implants are available on consignment - simply contact us for more information.