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Auratio Nano Needle Stamp by INEX

  • The Auratio® device has the ability to deliver the desired amount of active ingredients just below
    the dermis at a constant depth, pain-free and over a large area. This is a major advantage over the
    conventional syringe.
    Medical grade stainless steel ensures the structural integrity of the micro-needle. The gold-plated
    needles ensures a high biocompatibility with human skin, thus preventing irritations and allergic
    reactions after use.
    The diameter of the needle is 0.13 mm and the length of the needle is 0.5 or 1.0 mm.
    Auratio® is packaged in sterile individual blister packs.

    1. Tap the Auratio® Pad on the skin to be treated for 30 to 50 times to ensure that the skin effectively absorbs the product.

    2. The auratio® is for single use only. Never reuse on other people to avoid cross infection.

    3. Use only on the skin, never on hard objects, avoid holding the Auratio® by the needles.

    4. When screwing the cap onto the bottle, be careful not to break the needles.


    Complete system with:

    • 5ml glass vial/tank to be filled with serum according to the desired application
    • Screw head with 20 nano Gold Plated Titanium needles : ø 0.13mm x 0.5mm
    • Protection cap

    Available in 2 sizes: 0.5mm and 1.0mm.

    Single Use.

    Sterile with Ethylene Oxide (ETO).

    This is not a medical device.


    All dimensions are approximate