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  • The thin-walled Inex Blunt Dermal Filling Micro Cannulas are made of high-quality stainless steel. Their smooth surface ensures atraumatic introduction, thus reducing the risk of hematoma.


    • The hub is ergonomically shaped and allows smooth manipulation during insertion and removal of the cannula. It is color-coded according to the diameter of the cannula.
    • The lateral opening on the tip of the cannula ensures precise injection of the product.
    • Sterilisation method: EO (Ethylene Oxide)
    • Box of 20
    Gauge Length Product No.
       21G 70mm IN MI2170KR - Backorder only
       23G 50mm IN MI2350KR
       24G 50mm IN MI2450KR - Backorder only
       26G 38mm IN MI2638KR - Backorder only
       26G 50mm IN MI2650KR



    All dimensions are approximate

    All implants are available on consignment - simply contact us for more information.