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Logikal Health Le Med Invisible Nasal Splint (Box Of 10)

SKU: LM 5-0001
  • This Australian made Invisible Nasal Splint is ideal for stabilising the nose post surgical and injectable rhinoplasty.

    It helps with symptoms such as:

    1. Haemorrhage 2% - 4%.
    2. Oedema and ecchymosis.
    3. Infection (via easier inspection).
    4. Skin necrosis.

    It is a superior choice to plaster, thermal plastic and aluminium splints because:

    1. It doesn't need to be custom made.
    2. Post oedema a new one doesn't need to be fitted (which is normally about 5 to 10 minutes of surgeon time).
    3. Inspection time is far easier, faster and more accurate as surgeons view is not obscured.

    It is also appropriate for nasal fracture or any trauma and also to reshape and enhance the nose.

    Available in a range of sizes and with added adhesive inner surface that will hold
    the splint in the right place effortlessly and comfortably.

    Patient compliance is also increased because of it's inconspicuous appearance and they love it because they can see their results sooner!

    Rounded edges prevent demarcation of the patients skin and the ergonomic design is also far more comfortable than existing designs.

    Yet 3-5mg Hg is still constantly applied to the patients' nose which helps speed up the healing process due to less bruising, less swelling and less post-op pain (without compromising skin circulation).

    It takes only 10 seconds to measure and 20 seconds to apply and is full waterproof... the choice is clear!

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    Non Sterile and Single Patient Use supplied in a box ten pieces

    • Petite 35 x 35 x 52 x 1mm
    • Small 40 x 40 x 60 x 1mm
    • Medium 45 x 45 x 68 x 1mm
    • Large 50 x 50 x 76 x 1mm

    All dimensions are approximate