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MD Resource LS 2 Liposuction Machine

  • With its sealed oil-less vacuum system, the LS2 is virtually maintenance-free and engineered to provide years of trouble-free use.

    A taller case is provided for convenience; the higher canisters are easily monitored and space is provided on top for equipment such as the MicroAire PAL System console and/or an infiltration pump.

    A rear-mounted extension pole holds, in the standard unit, one or more canisters along with tumescent solution bags.

    The pole may also hold a number of other accessories such as the MD K Pump and Tumescent Measuring Device as shown in the final picture. At its base is a grip for easily moving the system about. Once in place, the unit's heavy-duty casters may be locked. The system's bright digital display is visible even in a dimly lit O.R.

    Activated with a pneumatic foot switch, the LS2 can use single-use disposable canisters or reusable disposable-liner canisters.

    Included in sales package:

    - Liposuction aspirator with a single output port
    - Power cord
    - User/service manual
    - Pneumatic footswitch or optional wireless foot pedal
    - Extension pole with canister mounts
    - Sample biofilter and canisters


    Display 20-Segment, 3-color LED bar graph; 2-digit LED numeric vacuum readout
    Motors 2 maintenance-free, non-polluting, oilless rotary vane pumps; serial staging
    Vacuum Adjustable from 0 to 29 Hg at sea level
    Cooling 2 high-speed low noise fans
    Power 115 or 230 VAC 50/60 Hz
    Sound Level <50 dBa
    Grounding Double insulated
    Chassis Steel frame with vibration-free parallel motor mounts
    Enclosure Powder coated sheet aluminium with sound insulation
    Thermal Protector Yes
    Dimensions 39.4 cm (L), 39.4 cm (W), 61.0 cm (H)
    Weight 50 kg (without accessories)
    Flow Rate 5 CFM


    Instructions for use: MD Resource LS2 Power Aspirator

    All dimensions are approximate