Noventis Dermo Adjust Restilase Lips Edge 4.5%

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Restilase erases excess hyaluronic acid

Restilase is an innovative topical serum. Born from the observation of a growing prevalence of patients disappointed by the appearance of their faces following an injection of hyaluronic acid. Research and applications required several years of research and development. The application and the results with more than 600 patients on different continents, with very different climates, allowed Noventis Medical to market a unique serum on the European market.

Although hyaluronic acid injections using micro-cannulas are the most secure injections, "No one is immune to error".

Oedematous reactions are possible after injection, this is apparent through the aesthetic result of patients who end up with areas injected in excessive quantity or very uneven. These asymmetries generally occur in dark circles, nose, and lips, areas that must be injected with a perfect technique.

To deal with this type of error, no topical treatment existed to erase or reduce injection errors. Restilase is the first non-injectable care compound capable of smoothing irregularities, reducing the bulky appearance following an injection, or adjusting the level of hyaluronic acid present in the skin, or even absorbing an excess.

More or less significant annoyances related to injections

A topical serum erases the side effects associated with hyaluronic acid injections. Many practitioners see patients traumatized by the results. The incidence rate of problematic results increases with the number of procedures and the expansion of consumers.

The main side effects listed by aesthetic doctors:

Swelling related to an excessive amount of injected hyaluronic acid

  • Asymmetrical blisters
  • Injection asymmetry
  • An injection whose texture, density, or reticulation does not correspond to the treated area
  • Excessive cross-linking in sensitive areas
  • Incompatibility of injections with highly sensitive skin, granulomas
  • The over-injection of the lips is not harmonious with the morphology of the face and the architecture of certain parts of the zones
  • The appearance of granulomas, in reaction to the presence of a foreign body

In the most important cases, patients have the impression of no longer recognizing themselves, of having modified expressions, or of having a visible and unnatural hyper-injected appearance. The reactions of those around them can be negative, severe, or even mocking.

This disapproval, combined with the alteration of their features, gives them a feeling of anxiety, guilt, and shame, and in the most serious cases, can lead them to a depressive state.

Restilase: The safer alternative to hyaluronidase

Before the creation of Restilase, the treatment on the market to deal with the complications of hyaluronic acid injections was injectable hyaluronidase, an enzyme that induces the accelerated disintegration of hyaluronic acid.

The latter has only been authorized since 2017 by the Haute Autorité de Santé and is only reserved for surgeons, ophthalmologists, and dermatologists.

Unlike TOPILASE, HYALURONIDASE, and others whose ingredients come from bovine, ovine, bacterial, or testicular sources, "RESTILASE" is formulated without any animal-derived ingredients. Its effectiveness is assured, and it does not provoke any allergic reactions triggered by animal-origin ingredients. Additionally, doctors and patients have observed a tightening of the skin and significant hydration with a quick recovery period (18 days).

Formulated to avoid inconvenience, Restilase comes in the form of a topical serum. It is an enzymatic complex based on lipase, hyaluronidase protease, and natural ingredients for their restorative effects. Formulated to reduce unsightly superficial volumes suitable for ultra-sensitive skin.