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Quatron Multi Injector Needles - Box of 10 Units

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Quatron – Length Adjustable Multi Injector needle by ASTI.

Made in Japan

More choices more control

Quatron's innovative design enables 4 injections to be carried out at one time with an adjustable needle depth of up to 4mm. This allows for better, quicker and more controlled injections when a larger surface area needs to be treated.


  • 4 points of insertion at one time
  • Easy control of needle insertion up to 4 mm
  • Available in 34G and 31G fine needles
  • Perpendicular insertion
  • High quality Japanese made needles


  • Less invasive and shorter downtime (less pain, bruising and bleeding)
  • Quicker treatment time
  • Broader delivery of injectables
  • Easy change of needle length according to patient and applied area
  • Requires less extrusion force for viscous fluids or fibrotic skin
  • Perpendicular insertion allows an easy, quick, accurate and stable injection, even into shallow skin

Suitable for controlled and broad injection of mesotherapy, PRP, local anesthesia, botulinum toxin for hyperhidrosis, steroid injections for keloids and alopecia areata

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