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SKU: CB 20.440

This Item is Consigned by Our Partner NZ Laser Training

  • The Medical Smartglass M3 is specifically designed for IPL applications in medical clinics. It combines lightweight comfort and High-Tech eye protection.

    These glasses are colour neutral and almost transparent to allow an undistorted view (FULL COLOUR) of the patients' skin. With every IPL pulse, a sensor activates the liquid crystals in the lens and the LCD will darken in no more than 0.3ms. The liquid crystal lens then re-opens after the pulse of light. 

    The M3 is CE-certified and comes with 3 years product warranty and 5-year battery life.

    Protection Glasses Complete includes:

    • Frame
    • Cover Lens clear-blue
    • Functional Insert M3
    • Glasses Case
    • Textile Bag
    • Cord
    • Cleaning Cloth

    For copies of the EC Certificate and an in-depth manufacturers information sheet on the SmartGlass technology, download the SmartGlass Information Sheet PDF.

    All dimensions are approximate

    All implants are available on consignment - simply contact us for more information.

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