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Castelberg Design GMBH Smartglass M3 IPL Safety Glasses

SKU: CB20.440
  • The Medical Smartglass M3 is specifically designed for IPL applications in medical clinics. It combines lightweight comfort and High-Tech eye protection.

    These glasses are colour neutral and almost transparent to allow an undistorted view (FULL COLOUR) of the patients' skin. With every IPL pulse, a sensor activates the liquid crystals in the lens and the LCD will darken in no more than 0.3ms. The liquid crystal lens then re-opens after the pulse of light. 

    The glasses are ergonomic and lightweight, fitting comfortably on the user's nose. The product does not need to be calibrated and does not have an on/off switch. Besides cleaning, the product is maintenance-free and easy to use.

    The M3 is CE-certified and comes with 3 years product warranty and 5-year battery life.

    Protection Glasses Complete includes:

    • Frame
    • Cover Lens clear-blue
    • Functional Insert M3
    • Glasses Case
    • Textile Bag
    • Cord
    • Cleaning Cloth

    For copies of the EC Certificate and an in-depth manufacturers information sheet on the SmartGlass technology, download the SmartGlass Information Sheet PDF.

    All dimensions are approximate