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Solidea silver wave long - Cellulite Control Leggings (Long)

SKU: SO 0355A5 SB
  • For a lower body that's slimmed, toned and healthy, try our Silver Wave leggings. A patented, micro-massaging fabric fights the orange-peel appearance (cellulite). The active micromassage by the fabric generates light furrows on the skin. This a sign that the draining effect is efficient. This furrows disappear in a few hours leaving the skin smooth. A bacteriostatic fibre that's power-packed with silver ions, keeps skin clean, dry and healthy. Graduated compression is intended for medical purposes other than the prevention of pooling of blood in the legs. Breathable, cotton gusset. Flat seams. Designed for comfort, these leggings are perfect for the gym or everyday wear.

    • Composition: 80% POLYAMIDE 18% ELASTANE 2% COTTON
    • Sizes: 1-S - 2-M - 3-ML - 4-L - 4XL-XL - 5X-XXL - 6X-XXL

    Made in Italy 

    All dimensions are approximate