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Tulip Stylet Tulip Soft Pics

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SKU: TP TSP 11/13/14
  • Cleaning even the smallest cannulas is quick, easy and gentle. Won't score, abrade or contaminate, Tulip Cannula Cleaning Soft Picks are the ideal single-use cleaning solution for smaller diameter cannulas and microinjectors. Autoclavable for use in the sterile field, if desired. Pack of ten

    Large Soft Pics suitable for Cannulas 11 Gauge (3mm), 13 Gauge (2.4mm) & 14 Gauge (2.1mm) - Length 25cm

    Medium Soft Pics suitable for Cannulas 16 Gauge (1.65mm), 17 Gauge (1.4mm) & 18 Gauge (1.2mm) - Length 15cm

    Small Soft Pics suitable for Cannulas 19 Gauge (0.9mm) & 20 Gauge (0.7mm) - Length 10cm

    All dimensions are approximate