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Tulip Crown Syringe Plunger Cap

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Stop exposing fat to air when centrifuging.

The Tulip Crown Syringe Plunger Cap keeps syringe contents in a virtually anaerobic atmosphere during centrifuging.Simply attach a Crown to the off-the-shelf syringe plunger, harvest, then twist the plunger off.

Available for 10, 20 & 60cc BD Syringes & 60cc Monoject Toomey Syringes, either individual or a pack (save 20%).

The Crown also has a bonus, self-sealing extractor port for cleanly removing contents with an 18g (or smaller) needle from any layer of centrifuged tissue.

The Tulip Crown Plunger Cap is in two parts - the top and the base. It is autoclavable and reusable.

Download Tulip PDF Instructions 

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