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Tulip Spoon Tip Fat Injecting Cannula

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Tulip spoon tip fat injecting cannulas have a blunt spoon-shaped tip designed with a larger port for rapid injection of larger volumes, a groundbreaking breast and buttock workhorse.

Curved Injectors are available.
Simply select the option from the drop down menu when ordering.

Available in:

  • 11 Gauge (3mm) x 20cm Super Luer Lock
  • 13 Gauge (2.4mm) x 15cm
  • 13 Gauge (2.4mm) x 20cm
  • 14 Gauge (2.1mm) x 15cm
  • 14 Gauge (2.1mm) x 20cm
  • 16 Gauge (1.6mm) x 9cm
  • 16 Gauge (1.6mm) x 20cm
  • 17 Gauge (1.4mm) x 15cm

All dimensions are approximate

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