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Tulip Power Injector (PI4)™ Fat Injecting Gun

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  • The Tulip Power Injector (PI4)™ gives you, the surgeon, power, control and versatility which is so necessary for those fine facial procedures and also for perfect results in finishing off larger volume areas.

    The Tulip Power Adaptor accepts up to eight different syringes, making it the most versatile fat injecting gun on the market.

    Injection Volume Chart

    Small Barrel Per gun click Per full pull (4 clicks)
    10cc BD Luer 0.2ml 0.8ml
    10/12cc Monoject Luer Lock 0.25ml 1ml
    10cc Monoject for Oral Medication 0.25ml 1ml
    20cc BD Luer Lock 0.4ml 1.6ml
    20cc Monoject Luer Lock 0.42ml 1.7ml
    Large Barrel
    60cc Toomey Tip 0.8ml 3.2ml
    60cc Nipro Luer Lock 1.1ml 4.4ml
    60cc Monoject Slip Tip 0.92ml 3.7ml


    All dimensions are approximate