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Tulip Gold Standard Small Volume Fat Injection Set For Facial & Hand Procedures

  • The Tulip Small Volume reusable set is recommended for facial and hand procedures. The complete set contains patented SuperLuerLok hub and Cell-Friendly cannulas to harvest and re-inject adipose cells in a friendlier manner. This set includes a Tumescent Infiltrator for tunneling to simplify the harvesting aspect of the procedure. The Tonnard Harvester is slightly larger to maintain an adequate tissue seal for its 1mm micro-port holes, which are compatible with our three micro injectors:

    • The Tulip Injector 0.7mm x 4cm (for the upper eye-lid area)
    • The Tulip Injector 0.9mm x 5cm (for the tear trough, nasolabial folds, forehead and upper lips)
    • The Tulip Injector 1.2mm x 7cm (for the cheeks and jowl)

    The Tulip Injector is designed with a rounded blunt tip to pass through soft tissue easily without the trauma or potential risks that are involved with sharp needles.

    In the kit:

    1 x Tumescent Infiltrator SuperLuerLok 2.1mm x 20cm
    1 x Tonnard Harvester SuperLuerLok 2.4mm x 20cm
    1 x Tulip Micro Injector SuperLuerLok 1.2mm x 7cm
    1 x Tulip Micro Injector SuperLuerLok 1.07mm x 5cm
    1 x Tulip Micro Injector SuperLuerLok 0.9mm x 4cm,
    1 x Johnnie Loks BD 10cc
    1 x Johnnie Loks BD 20cc
    1 x Tulip DecantStand, Anaerobic Transfer - Luer to Luer 


    All dimensions are approximate