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  • With an innovative design, the TMD continues the MD Resource line of devices for tumescent procedures.

    Accuracy is guaranteed with the TMD, you know precisely the quantity infused. Pumps that use opto-electronics to count revolutions of the pump head are inaccurate in liposuction procedures as the pressure changes depending upon where the infusion cannula is. Why measure something unless you can be certain that it's an accurate measurement?

    Its convenient pole top mount delivers effortless measurement of total tumescent delivery. Weight lost from the hanging tumescent fluid bag is digitally displayed with +/- 1ml accuracy.

    The very low current circuitry enables the TMD to be piggy backed to our KPump or it can be used as a stand-alone device.

    Display 4-digit LCD with blue backlight. 60-degree viewing window visible with 1-inch digits.
    Start Switch Once for on, once for off. Starts or restarts at 0 (zero).
    Power Supplied AC adapter provides 24 VDC @ 1 A. Operates with DC power supply of 8 to 40 volts @ 100 mA.
    Hook Stainless steel hook accommodates up to 3 saline bags.
    Load Limit Up to 4,000 ml (4 kg) maximum advised load.
    Mounting Mounts on adjustable height pole with 7/8(.875) O.D.

    All dimensions are approximate

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