Castelberg Design GMBH Smartglass M3 IPL Safety Glasses

$ 607

SKU: CB20.440

The smartglass M3 IPL are auto darkening electronic active eye protection glasses designed and manufactured by castelberg design in Switzerland. They are developed for working in the presence of intense pulsed light (IPL) as it is emitted by typical IPL hair removal devices.

How it works

The smartglass M3 IPL is developed to reliably protect against IPL pulses. It features optical sensors tuned to the wavelength of a typical IPL pulse. Lighting levels that exceed healthy amounts are detected by the sensors, the electronics then darken the optics. Specially tuned optical sensors and fast electronics allow the smartglass M3 IPL to recognize IPL pulses and switch to the dark state in less than 0.3 milliseconds.

Both slowly and fastly pulsed light are handled by the smartglass M3 IPL. When working with slow pulses, the optics are darkened for every individual pulse. If the pulse frequency is high the smartglass M3 IPL will darken the optics continuously.

Active eye protection

In the visible light range the smartglass M3 IPL uses active protection to protect the user against blinding. Unlike passive protection methods, where the optics are permanently tinted in order to absorb harmful light and radiation, active protection relies on electronics to automatically darken the optics whenever a threat is detected. Active protection offers advantages over the commonly used passive protection.

With active optics, the vision of the user is clear and unobstructed when there is no glare. The light state of a smartglass M3 IPL is significantly less tinted than common sunglasses. Passive optics are permanently darkened and are not color neutral. The smartglass M3 IPL optics use our patented realcolor optics technology, giving the user clear and true to color view of the patients skin and the users work environment.

The active protection system protects the user against visible light. Invisible radiation in the infra-red and ultra-violet range are permanently and passively blocked by the cover lens, giving the smartglass M3 IPL a combined protection range from 200 nm to 3000 nm.


The smartglass M3 IPL glasses are ergonomic and lightweight, fitting comfortably on the users nose. The product does not need to be calibrated and does not have a on/off switch. Besides cleaning, the product is maintenance free and easy to use.

Out of the box, the smartglass M3 IPL comes with a hardened carrying case, a textile bag, a cloth for cleaning the optics and a safety strap cord.

This combined with a battery lifetime and full warranty of 5 years makes the smartglass M3 IPL easy and comfortable to work with.

Protection Glasses Complete includes:

  • Frame
  • Cover Lens clear-blue
  • Functional Insert M3
  • Glasses Case
  • Textile Bag
  • Cord
  • Cleaning Cloth



The smartglass M3 IPL is fully certified according to the standards EN379 and ISO12609-1.

For copies of the EC Certificate and an in-depth manufacturers information sheet on the SmartGlass technology, download the SmartGlass Information Sheet PDF.