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Instructions For Use (IFU)

Instructions For Use (IFU) for products distributed by Precise Medical Supplies can be found for various manufacturers below.

Instructions for use

Ample Scientific Champion F-33D Centrifuge

Aesthetic Group (Inex) Compact Centrifuge

TISSU-TRANS® FILTRON® Sterile Fat Collection and Filtration (500cc, 1000cc and 2000cc)

Boyle Davis Gag Cover Non-Sterile (Child and Adult)

INEX Manual Centrifuge (10cc and 60cc)

INEX Lipo-One Liposuction Cannula

Test Tube Rack (10cc and 60cc)

LiquoGuard 7

Marina Medical Non-conductive Instruments and Specula

Mesoram - The use of mesotherapy

Mesoram - Aesthetic mesotherapy

Marina Medical Non-conductive Instruments and Specula

Möller Medical Vacusat Power Operating Manual

Möller Medical Vibrasat® Pro Instructions for Use

MD Resource LS2 Power Aspirator

OculoPlastik Plastic Shield

OculoPlastik LaserSecure Caliper

OculoPlastik Durette III External Shields

OculoPlastik Durette External

OculoPlastik Durette IV

OculoPlastik Cox

OculoPlastik Mouthguard

OculoPlastik Surgical Instruments

OculoPlastik Suction Cups

Precise Medical Garment Sizing Chart

Sterilisation Instructions

Implantech Silicone Blocks

Liposuction cannula

Tulip® Reusable Medical Products

Möller Medical reprocessing instruction for reusable liposuction cannulas

Cleaning and Sterilisation of the Vibrasat Pro Hand Piece

Cleaning and Sterilisation for the Vibrasat Wand