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Shippert Denver Nasal Splint Kit - Two Piece Velcro - Box of 5

SKU: SH 10-1500-05KM
  • • Stabilisation of the nose after surgery

    • Reduction of oedema after nasal surgery or trauma

    • Moldable aluminium retains nasal bones in position

    • Layers give cushioned pressure on subcutaneous tissue

    • Dorsal pad reduces dead space and skin wrinkling

    • Dorsal pad reduces possibility of polybeak

    • Available in 4 sizes

    • One size per box

    Mini 50 x 28mm
    Petite 58 x 30mm
    Small/Med 65 x 35mm
    Large 69 x 43mm

    Kit components: Instruction sheet, one Alcohol Wipe, one Skin Prep, one Dorsal Pad, Pre-cut ProtectoTM Strips, one Denver Adhesive Nasal Splint® Box of 5

    Learn more about the 60 Second Denver Nasal Splinting Solution in this white paper.

    Default colour is flesh tone. Extra colours available on request - please call after placing your order to request an alternate colour.


    All dimensions are approximate