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Implantech Conform™ Extended Anatomical Chin Implant

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  • The Implantech Conform™ Extended Anatomical Chin Implant is the evolution of the technology and design of our previous chin implants. It incorporates the patented Conform grid pattern to allow for easier implant insertion and to closely conform to the underlying bony structure.


    Size Product No. A B C D E F
    Small CEAC-S 5cm 1cm 0.43cm 8cm 3.5cm 0.2cm
    Medium CEAC-M 5.6cm 1.2cm 0.5cm 10cm 4.2cm 0.2cm
    Large CEAC-L 6.2cm 1.4cm 0.6cm 10cm 4.5cm 0.3cm
    X-Large CEAC-XL 6.8cm 1.5cm 0.75cm 11cm 5cm 0.3cm

    All dimensions are approximate