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Implantech Conform™ Midfacial Implant (Sold in Pairs)

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The Implantech Conform™ Midfacial Implant is sold in pairs and comes with the added benefit of the soft and flexible patented Conform grid pattern, this Conform Midfacial Implant augments both the malar and submalar region for a fuller, younger looking face. 


Size Product No. A B C D
X-Small CCSM-XS 3.4cm 2.0cm 0.39cm 0.20cm
Small CCSM-S 4.1cm 2.5cm 0.47cm 0.27cm
Medium CCSM-M 4.7cm 2.7cm 0.53cm 0.30cm
Large CCSM-L 5.1cm 3.0cm 0.56cm 0.32cm
X-Large CCSM-XL 5.5cm 3.2cm 0.60cm 0.40cm

*All dimensions are approximate

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