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Implantech ContourFlex™ Calf Implant

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  • Implantech ContourFlex calf implants can accomodate men typically seeking more bulk, and women more interested in a pleasing shape proportional to their thighs.

    Rebate Code RJ001

    Made of pliable, scultable silicone, our implants can be used for aesthetics and correcting deformities resulting from injury or disease-related muscle deterioration.


    Size  Product No. A B C Volume
    1 CCB7-1 5.0cm     14.9cm 1.5cm 70cc
    2 CCB7-2 5.7cm     19.7cm 1.8cm 135cc
    3 CCB7-3 6.2cm 23.5cm 1.8cm 170cc

    All dimensions are approximate