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Implantech ContourFlex™ Calf Implant - Aiache Style (Textured or Smooth)

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SKU: CCB7-S-11
  • Tese calf implants are designed by Dr. Adrien Aiache, a pioneer in calf augmentation. Most sizes are available in a smooth (S) or textured (T) surface. The large variety allows selecting the right width to height ratio to achieve the desired results. Manufactured in soft (slightly firmer than the durometer used in gluteal and pectoral implants_ solid silicone durometer. Single-packed (not in pairs)

    Made of pliable, scultable silicone, our implants can be used for aesthetics and correcting deformities resulting from injury or disease-related muscle deterioration.


    Size A B C Volume
    CCB7-S-11 12cm     5.2cm 1.3cm 50cc
    CCB7-S-21 12.7cm     6.0cm 1.5cm 70cc
    CCB7-T-21 12.7cm     6.0cm 1.5cm 70cc
    CCB7-S-31 14.3cm
    6.5cm 1.6cm 95cc
    CCB7-T-31 14.3cm     6.5cm 1.56cm 95cc
    CCB7-S-41 14.5cm     7.5cm 1.7cm 115cc
    CCB7-T-41 14.5cm     7.5cm 1.7cm 115cc
    CCB7-S-51 16.0cm     9.0cm 2.0cm 185cc
    CCB7-T-51 16.0cm     9.0cm 2cm 185cc
    CCB7-T-61 18.6cm     9.4cm
    CCB7-S-71 16.0cm     6.3cm 1.5cm 100cc
    CCB7-T-71 16.0cm     6.3cm 1.5cm 100cc
    CCB7-S-81 16.5cm     7.2cm 1.6cm 120cc
    CCB7-T-81 16.5cm     7.2cm 1.6cm 120cc
    CCB7-S-91 17.5cm     8.0cm 1.7cm 150cc
    CCB7-T-91 17.5cm     8.0cm 1.7cm 150cc
    S = Smooth Surface

    T = Textured surface

    All dimensions are approximate