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Implantech ePTFE-Coated Voloshin Dorsal Columella Nasal Implant

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The Implantech ePTFE-Coated Voloshin Dorsal Columella Nasal Implant augments and reconstructs the nasal dorsum and the nasal tip.


Size Product No. A B C D E F G H
1 ePTFE-VSDC-001 5.0cm 3.0cm 1.1cm 0.7cm 0.4cm 0.22cm 0.40cm 0.4cm
2 ePTFE-VSDC-002 5.4cm 3.0cm 1.0cm 0.7cm 0.4cm 0.20cm 0.40cm 0.4cm
3 ePTFE-VSDC-003 4.9cm 3.2cm 1.0cm 0.7cm 0.4cm 0.43cm 0.70cm 0.6cm
4 ePTFE-VSDC-004 5.2cm 3.2cm 1.2cm 0.7cm 0.4cm 0.50cm 0.75cm 0.6cm
10 ePTFE-VSDC-010 5.2cm 3.3cm 1.0cm 0.7cm 0.4cm 0.35cm 0.55cm 0.6cm

*All dimensions are approximate

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