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    The MD Resource Touchup Liposuction Aspirator is a Class 2, type B, transportable power aspirator with a detachable cord set, footswitch control and vacuum adjustment capability. 

    Ideally, this should be used for secondary or touch up procedures.

    Sales Package
    • Transportable liposuction power aspirator 
    • Detachable cord set
    • Footswitch 
    • Footswitch control
    • Vacuum adjustment capability
    Motors 1/8HP Vacuum Pump
    Vacuum Adjustable from 0 to 29.6 inches of Hg at sea level & std cond.
    Flow rate 2.5 CFM free air at sea level & Standard conditions
    Power 110 or 220 VAC
    Sound Level 38db +/- 3db measured 3ft from unit front
    Enclosure Scratch free and dent resistant Kydex case
    Dimensions 23cm W x 37cm D x 27cm H
    Weight 10 kg