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  • The Omega DiaMax™ Sagittal Saw Blades (Linvatec®/Zimmer® Equivalent) are the ultimate for large bone surgery.

    Premium surgical stainless steels are formed into the sharpest, fastest cutting blades available through a proprietary diamond honing process which allows for efficient dissection of the bone without cavitation, heat build-up, or thermal necrosis. The result is straight, smooth cuts which optimize your time and investment.

    For use with Hall®/Linvatec® Versipower, Series 3 and 4 DXS series fits all Hall®/Linvatec® series large bone power tools.

    Number of teeth 4.7/cm
    Useable length: 90mm

    All dimensions are approximate

    All implants are available on consignment - simply contact us for more information.

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