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Nano Needle Stamp by Precise Medical Supplies

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The Nano Stamp by Precise Medical Supplies is the perfect tool to deliever desired serum over a large area. The diameter of the needle is approximately 0.2mm and the length is 0.5 or 1.0 mm. The volume of the vial is 6mls. There are twenty 24K Gold Plated Titanium Needles.

 1. Tap the Nano Needle Stamp Pad on the skin to be treated for 30 to 50 times to ensure that the skin effectively absorbs the product.

2. The Nano Needle stamp is for single use only.

3. Use only on the skin, never on hard objects, avoid holding the stamp by the needles.

4. When screwing the cap onto the bottle, be careful not to break the needles.

Single Use. Sterile with Ethylene Oxide (ETO). This is not a medical device. 

All dimensions are approximate

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