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Ontor IPL Shade 4 Glasses

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SKU: PLS 600-K0234-ONTO-54
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Product description
The ONTOR is a lightweight laser safety goggles made of special polymers, as perfect solution to wear over prescription glasses. This frame offers a large field of vision, and lateral impact protection. The temples can be adjusted individually and a tightly sealed soft face foam improves the wearing comfort.

CE certified in accordance with the requirements of EN 207. 

Ontor IPL Shade 4 glasses. (Suitable for spectacle wearers). Filter colour: Grey (VLT ~ 7%) Certified according to ISO 12609-1:2013 (protection level F4)180 – 380 OD6+ > 380 – 390 OD2+ > 390 – 650 OD1+ > 650 – 1400

All of our protect laserchutz glasses are built on order. Orders take upto 4 weeks for build and delivery.

All dimensions are approximate

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