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Ontor Laser safety glasses Filter: 0283

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Product description
The ONTOR is a lightweight laser safety goggles made of special polymers, as perfect solution to wear over prescription glasses. This frame offers a large field of vision, and lateral impact protection. The temples can be adjusted individually and a tightly sealed soft face foam improves the wearing comfort.

The Laser Safety Filter 0283 is suitable for lasers in the UV range of light, like Excimer (193 nm), UV (248 nm) and harmonic Nd:YAG (266 nm + 355nm). But the filter covers also CO2 (10600 nm). The laser safety filter consists of a colorless special plastics and offers an visual light transmission (VLT) of more than 90% and a minor filter thickness. The laser safety filter is CE certified in accordance with the requirements of EN 207. Product information
Application: CO2 (10600 nm), CO-CO2, UV (248 nm), Excimer (193 nm), Nd:YAG 4x (266 nm), Nd:YAG 3x (355 nm)
VLT (Visible light transmission): 90 %
Filter color: clear
Filter material: polymer
Filter thickness: 2.0 mm
Frame color: black Protection Levels: 180 – 315 D LB10 + IR LB5 + M LB6Y (OD 10+)
> 315 – 370 D LB6+I LB7+R LB8+M LB7Y (OD 8+)
371 – 380 DIRM LB5 (OD 5+)
5145 – 9000 3DI LB4 + R LB3Y (OD 4+)
9000 – 11500 DI LB4 + R LB3Y (OD 6+)

All of our protect laserchutz glasses are built on order. Orders take upto 4 weeks for build and delivery.

All dimensions are approximate

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