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TSK STERiJECT™ Ultra-Fine Premium Hypodermic Needle - Box of 100

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    • Premium hypodermic needles manufactured in Japan. 
    • Produced in hard-to-find sizes with the specialist in mind. 
    • Made of surgical stainless steel with a polypropylene hub these needles are certified DNA free, TGA registered, CE Mark and ISO 9001 certified. 

    These ultra thin walled hypodermic needles have a tri-beveled point and siliconised shaft. The penetration force of a TSK 33G needle is 45% lower than a regular 30G needle.

     Gauge Length
    33G 13mm 
    32G 13mm
    32G 9mm
    32G 4mm
    30G 13mm 
    27G 13mm
    Free samples available. 

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    All dimensions are approximate