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TSK STERiJECT™ Ultra-Fine Premium Hypodermic Needle - Box of 100

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    • Premium hypodermic needles manufactured in Japan. 
    • Produced in hard-to-find sizes with the specialist in mind. 
    • Made of surgical stainless steel with a polypropylene hub these needles are certified DNA free, TGA registered, CE Mark and ISO 9001 certified. 

    These ultra thin walled hypodermic needles have a tri-beveled point and siliconised shaft. The penetration force of a TSK 33G needle is 45% lower than a regular 30G needle.

    Free samples available.

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     Gauge Length Hub Type
    33G 13mm  PRE Hub
    32G 13mm PRE Hub
    32G 9mm PRE Hub
    32G 4mm PRE Hub
    30G 13mm  HPC Hub
    30G 4mm PRE Hub
    27G 13mm HPC Hub

    All dimensions are approximate