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Tulip Nanofat Set (gen 1)

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The Tulip Nanofat Set (gen 1) comes in sterile or non-sterile and includes

  • 1 each Anaerobic Transfer Luer to Luer 2.4mm
  • 1 each Tulip Sizing Transfers 1.4mm
  • 1 each Tulip Sizing Transfers 1.2mm
  • 1 each NanoTransfer
  • 2 each Sterile or Non-Sterile NanoTransfer Cartridges - 5
  • (Packaged as procedure set)

Please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery

Tulip's PATENTED TRUE NanoFat System is the first clinically validated, scientifically proven system designed to produce TRUE NanoFat (TNF™) consistently. Developed in collaboration with Drs. Patrick Tonnard and Alexis Verpaele, Tulip's TRUE NanoFat System makes processing TRUE NanoFat in the clinical setting safe, efficient and cost-effective.

Get the NanoFACTS:

We designed the TRUE NanoFat System around our clinically validated protocol. View here. By definition, nanofat must be injectable with 27g and 30g needles. Tulip's TNF meets this standard. TNF must contain a high concentration of viable regenerative cells. See the published scientific characterization of Tulip's TNF here.

Doctors use TNF in over twenty aesthetic patient applications, from undereye discoloration to scar revision.

Nanofat is not structural. TRUE NanoFat is rejuvenating and reparative in nature.

TNF acts as a Supercharger when added to Tulip MicroFat.

Supercharge your MicroFat grafts

Surgeons worldwide are now using TRUE NanoFat to supercharge the regenerative capabilities of microfat. These micro injectors are sized right for injecting TRUE NanoFat-supercharged microfat. Whether you're are microfat alone or TRUE NanoFat-supercharged microfat, these micro injectors are ideal for periorbital, perioral, nose, and forehead applications. They are also excellent for female wellness procedures and foot fat pad restoration.

NOTE: The NanoTransfer housing and sizing transfers are reusable. However, the sterile cartridges are not reusable – the cartridges are pre-sterilized and single-use. This set comes with five starter cartridges. Additional cartridges are available here.

Tulip's patented TRUE NanoFat System - taking fat transfer to the smallest level.

U.S. Patent Number 10927347

All dimensions are approximate

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