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Vascular Tunnelers

Two-part Vascular Tunnelers are used to implant a vascular graft subcutaneously with an oversized tissue passageway. These Vascular Tunnelers are comprised of a hollow rigid metal shaft connected to a handle with a removable bullet tip at one end of the shaft. The shaft is fabricated from stainless steel and fits into a formed handle with a center rod. The instrument is used to bluntly dissect a tunnel by forcing the bullet-tipped hollow shaft through the tissue. After suture attachment of the graft material to the inner rod, the vascular graft is then easily drawn back through the entire length of the oversized hollow tube. With the graft positioned in place, but still within the hollow shaft, the hollow shaft is then extracted from the tissue tunnel without extracting the graft from the subcutaneous passageway.

It would therefore be preferred to have an implantable vascular graft that can be implanted with less tissue trauma than that which is caused by tunnelers of the past.