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Scar Treatment

Scars suck!

Do you have a scar that makes you feel self-conscious? Unfortunately, most people have an accident at some point - and these can inevitably lead to unnatural looking skin damage. 

Scars may not only look red, pink, raised and ugly, but they can also be itchy, irritable and cause you daily annoyance.

Imagine if you could flatten your scars and have their colour match your skin tone more naturally.

How to fade your scars

The best option is to try and reduce scarring non-surgically, using silicone sheeting and gels, before resorting to expensive and invasive techniques like laser and cosmetic surgery.

Whether you have a new or old scar (including keloid, abdominoplasty, hypertrophic, burn, cesarian, acne and surgery scars) scar management techniques using silicone gel have been shown to be an effective treatment, and are regularly recommended by doctors. 

We currently stock both Cimeosil Gel Sheeting(great for old and persistent scars) and Cimeosil Scar Gel(easily topically applied).

We also stock the innovative the Jindilli Scar Pen which gives both new and old scars the maximum opportunity for healing.

Cimeosil before and after scar gel

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