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Jindilli Scar Pen

  • Whether from acne, surgery or an accident, scars can be ugly and confidence lowering.

    Specially formulated in Australia with two of nature’s most healing oils (Macadamia Integrifolia and Tamanu) the innovative Jindilli Scar Pen gives both new and old scars the maximum opportunity for healing!

    Ideal as a post surgery consultation aid, the pen helps allay a patients worries in the short term whilst also helping them heal in the long term.

    • Macadamia oil is the most similar oil to our natural skin oils, giving effective hydration.
    • Oil is quickly absorbed, ensuring a mess free application.
    • Soft bristles ensure a gentle touch on new scars.
    • The click twist dispenser ensures there is no wastage.

    The oil should be applied twice per day for 8 weeks once the scar is no longer an open wound.

    One applicator should last 1 week, however any remaining oil should be discarded 10 days after applicator is opened. 

    All dimensions are approximate