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Cimeosil Scar Gel

Want to know the secret to heal your scars?

There are home remedies to heal your scars - but often they just don't work. Scar Gel is a proven and effective method to help you in getting rid of your scars. It works by forming a very thin water-repellant membrane over the skin like an invisible bandage. This helps reduce movement of the skin and creates a semi-moist environment for scars to heal in.

Perfect for facial scarring

Scar gel is perfect for use on many areas of the body (including Keloid and Hypertrophic treatment). However, it can be especially effective for scars on your face. If you've wondered what an effective way to heal your acne scars might be it is worth trying scar gel. Especially as you can apply makeup and sunscreen topically over scar gel - no one even needs to know you are wearing it.

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