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Liposuction Machines

What is the best liposuction aspirator for you?

All lipo aspirators reach the same negative pressure -29.6 inches of mercury at sea level, it is the Flow Rate that differentiates each system and determines the speed of the procedure. 

Our smallest unit, the Touch-Up, has a flow rate of 2.5 CFM whilst the RM2000 and the LS2 have a massive 5 CFM. These aspirators are the leaders in quiet high-powered liposuction aspirator technology with high vacuum and airflow rates to satisfy your exacting needs.

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Liposuction machine prices

  1. The MD Touchup is our lowest price point aspirator - easily portable and great for small jobs. (1 Year Warranty)
  2. The RM 2000 is our perfect mid range machines. It provides whisper silent operation at only 42 +/-dB @ 3ft. (3 Year Warranty)
  3. Finally the MD LS 2 our premium machine. It is virtually maintenance-free and engineered to provide years of trouble-free use(5 Year Warranty)

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